This privacy statement is effective as of September 01, 2019. Please note that this privacy statement will regularly be updated to reflect any changes in the way we handle your personal data or any changes in applicable laws. This page and its sub-pages tell you everything you need to know about how amvs PLC and/or its affiliates, subsidiaries and newly acquired companies (“amvs”; “we”) protect the personal data we process and control relating to you (“your personal data”; “your data”) and which rights you have in relation to the processing of your personal data. Any amvs entity located outside the European Union will for the purposes of compliance with data privacy laws be represented by amvs PLC.

1. How does amvs protect your personal data?

amvs attaches great importance to your right to privacy and the protection of your personal data. We want you to feel secure that when you deal with amvs, your personal data are in good hands. amvs protects your personal data in accordance with applicable laws and our data privacy policies. In addition, amvs maintains the appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against unauthorized or unlawful processing and/or against accidental loss, alteration, disclosure or access, or accidental or unlawful destruction of or damage thereto. Which categories of personal data do we collect and how do we process such personal data? We collect personal data of our employees, potential employees, clients, suppliers, business contacts, shareholders and website users. If the data we collect are not listed in this privacy statement, we will give individuals (when required by law) appropriate notice of which other data will be collected and how they will be used. Except for certain information that is required by law or by amvs policies, your decision to provide any personal data to us is voluntary. You will therefore not be subject to adverse consequences if you do not wish to provide us with your personal data. However, please note that if you do not provide certain information, we may not be able to accomplish some or all of the purposes outlined in this privacy statement, and you may not be able to use certain tools and systems which require the use of such personal data. If you provide us with personal data of another person (for instance, a potential employee/referral), you are responsible for ensuring that such person is made aware of the information contained in this privacy statement and that the person has given you his/her consent for sharing the information with amvs. The above-mentioned categories of personal data have been obtained either directly from you (for example, when you provide information to sign up for a newsletter or register to comment on a forum website) or indirectly from certain third parties (for example, through our website’s technology). Such third parties include our affiliates, public authorities, public websites and social media, suppliers and vendors. For which purposes and on which legal basis do we use your personal data? Amvs Global uses your personal data only where required for specific purposes. Please view the table below for (i) a list of the purposes for which Amvs uses your personal data and (ii) an overview of the legal basis for each such purpose.
Purpose Legal basis
Managing our contractual and/or employment relationship with you. Necessary for the performance of a contract to which you are a party.
Recruitment. Justified on the basis of our legitimate interests for ensuring that we recruit the appropriate employees.
Facilitating communication with you (including in case of emergencies, and to provide you with requested information). Justified on the basis of our legitimate interests for ensuring proper communication and emergency handling within the organization.
Operating and managing our business operations. Justified on the basis of our legitimate interests for ensuring the proper functioning of our business operations.
Complying with legal requirements. Necessary for the compliance with a legal obligation to which we are subject.
Monitoring your use of our systems (including monitoring the use of our website and any apps and tools you use). Justified on the basis of our legitimate interests of avoiding non-compliance and protecting our reputation.
Social listening (Identifying and assessing what is being said about Amvs Global and our clients on social media (only publicly accessible content) to understand sentiment, intent, mood and market trends and our stakeholders’ needs and thereby improving our services. We do this through key-word searches and our goal is to gain insights in conversation trends over a specified period and not to identify an individual. To achieve this, we analyze and monitor conversation streams and monitor publicly available opinions, statements or other interactions on social media channels.) Justified on the basis of our legitimate interest of protecting our assets and our brand on social media
Improving the security and functioning of our website, networks and information. Justified on the basis of our legitimate interests for ensuring that you receive an excellent user experience and our networks and information are secure.
Undertaking data analytics, i.e. applying analytics to business operations and data to describe, predict and improve business performance within Amvs Global and/or to provide a better user experience. (more details on how we run analytics on our website can be found in our cookies policy). Justified on the basis of our legitimate interests for ensuring the proper functioning of our business operations.
Marketing our products and services to you (unless you objected against such processing, as further described in the section “How do we use personal data for marketing purposes?” below). Justified on the basis of our legitimate interests for ensuring that we can conduct and increase our business.

2.How do we use cookies (and other tracking technologies)?

In addition to the information set out above, this section describes how we use cookies and other tracking technologies. We analyze your IP and browser information to determine what is most effective about our website, to help us identify ways to improve it and, eventually, to determine how we can tailor our website to make it a more positive and relevant user experience. Please see our Cookies policy for more details. By using our website, you agree that we can place cookies and other similar technologies on your device as explained in our Cookies policy.

3. How do we use personal data when you visit our offices?

In addition to the information set out above, this section describes how we use personal data when you visit Amvs Global offices. Please click here to receive further details on how we process your personal data when visiting our offices (this sub-page also relates to the potential processing of your personal data through CCTV and access management systems in case such CCTV and access management systems are active.) If you have any questions on data privacy or you want to let us know about website/marketing permissions, please contact us.

4. How else might we use your personal data

In addition to the information set out above, the following sections describe other specific uses of personal data by some Amvs Global affiliates. Below, we provide you with further details about how we process your personal data in connection with any content creation / production purposes.