J2EE architecture transforms the way businesses manage customer, partner and employee relationships. By constantly extending our expertise in the latest technologies, AMVS Global J2EE framework Focus Group helps customers achieve better return on their technology investments.

AMVS Global J2EE framework platform for Web applications delivers a suite of stable, secure, and reliable software product offerings for conducting Web business and developing new applications. This framework enables companies to develop, deploy and integrate next-generation Web applications — such as business-to-business eCommerce — and supports business applications ranging from simple Web publishing to enterprise-scale transaction processing.

AMVS Global partnerships with fully J2EE compliant application server providers help customers achieve seamless end-to-end Web technology solutions.

With a large team of experienced J2EE consultants and vast J2EE experience, AMVS Globalis ideally placed to leverage the J2EE framework to deliver next generation Web technology solutions.