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Building a resilient supply chain in the Life Sciences industry

In business, you can’t always avoid the trouble of one sort or another, but you can learn to bounce back ...
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Looking for growth in all the right places

In Accenture’s experience, analyzing activities across an entire value chain typically uncovers 15 to 30 percent more waste on top ...
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Beating volatility in exploration and production

E&P companies need asset portfolios that enable the production of energy from the best asset class in a given moment ...
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Move fast to thrive: Intelligent operating model

Human. Liquid. Enhanced. Living. Modular. These characteristics will transform operating models from static and mechanistic to flexible and fast, through ...
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New workforce skilling for innovation and growth

Companies should reinvent themselves to deliver more personalized employee learning experiences based on roles, job profiles and competency-based assessments. Artificial ...
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New ERP: Tech upgrade or transformation catalyst?

SAP has announced that starting at the end of 2025, it will suspend maintenance of its business suite applications as ...
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Self-driving fleets and the future of transport operating models

The drive toward autonomous commercial vehicles is not without its complications. For example, the competitive race is being run mostly ...
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Meet your new chief innovation officer: The consumer

Tapping into consumers to inform innovation is not a new idea in consumer goods. But traditional tactics like consumer panels, ...
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Striking Balance with Whole-Brain Leadership

Our examination shows that Pathfinders are pushing the C-suite to discover better approaches to lead, develop and support their associations ...
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Technology Vision 2019 for Workday

Everything starts with your kin. To make the most of the open-door innovation empowers, for all intents and purposes, each ...
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